Our History (until 31/12/2005)


The Rosario Athletic Club has the privilege of having not only started but also fostered the practice of different sports. Besides, it has encouraged the foundation of many associations, unions and federations in order to organize our national sports life.
Our mother sport was cricket, which was the starting point of the first Argentine clubs: Buenos Aires Cricket and Football Club in Buenos Aires and Rosario Athletic Club in Rosario.
Our club was founded on March 27th 1867 by English men that had come to Rosario to work on the building of the railroads from Rosario to Córdoba.
Our club had its first sports field in the site where the San Jose School is situated nowadays. On August 30th 1889 the brothers Charles and Edward Jewell donated the land where our club lies on at present. It is considered the oldest sports field in our country (Photo – 1967).
From the beginning football, rugby and athletism were also practised in our club. During the last decades of the 19th century, the “athletic games” that were held annually at the club were considered not only sports but social events as well. As the records set on these games were so important, the Committee accepted the invitation from other clubs to start the Argentine Athletic Association of the River Plate. Unfortunately, there is no written evidence that the Rosario Athletic took part in this foundation. The same thing happened when the Argentine Football Association was founded.
On June 29th 1886, the first rugby match in our country was played in our previous sports field. The Rosario Athletic played versus the Buenos Aires Cricket and Football Club, The following year, on July 12th our team played a football match in Buenos Aires versus the Buenos Aires Cricket and Football Club.
In 1899, the Rosario Athletic, Buenos Aires Cricket and Football Club, Belgrano Athletic Club and Lomas Athletic Club founded the Argentine Rugby Union. Our teams won the River Plate championship in 1905, 1906 and 1935, and was finalist in 1902, 1903 and 1904.
In 1928, the Rosario Athletic took part in the foundation of the Rosario Rugby Union and played with its teams in all the categories.
In 1900 our club was invited to play the “Competition Cup” donated by the ex president of the Argentine Association Football League, Mr H.F. Chevalier Boutell. In 1902 the Rosario Athletic won a memorable final match versus Alumni. In 1904 and 1905 we won both finals versus Peñarol from Montevideo, Uruguay.
In 1905, the Rosario Athletic founded the Rosario Football League, and
played in its championships until 1916.
In 1912, our club took part in the foundation of the Argentine Tennis Association and, in 1922, in the Provincial Tennis Federation of Santa Fe. Some of our tennis players  reached the first places in the national and provincial rankings.
In 1919 the first swimming pool in the province was inaugurated in our sports field. In 1933, the Rosario Athletic and other clubs, founded the Santa Fe Swimming Federation and in 1956 the Rosario Swimming Association. Several of our swimmers were provincial champions and were selected to participate in the South American Championships.
In 1930, field hockey started being played by women. Since 1955 they played  in the promotion category of the Argentine Amateur Field Hockey Association. They promoted to the first category in 1959 and played there until 1966 when the Litoral Field Hockey Association was founded.


From 1973 to 1985 the Rosario Athletic had the privilege of winning consecutively the first division championships of the Rosario Rugby Union. In 1983, we went back to play the championships of the Argentine Rugby Union in Buenos Aires. In 1983 we won the Pre-classification championship, in 1984 the Classification championship, in 1985 the Promotion championship and in 1986 the Second Division championship. Since 1987 the Rosario Athletic has been playing in the first division, except in 1991 when it went back to second division. In 1992 it won the championship and promoted again to the first division.
In 1986 there was a great match between the Rosario Athletic and Buenos Aires Rugby and Football Club due to the Centennial of the first rugby match in Argentina.
In 1996 the Buenos Aires Rugby Union was founded and the Rosario Athletic had the privilege of being one of its founders. It won the first championship played by this union together with the Hindú Club. In 1997 it was sub champion, in 1998 it was third and in 1999 it lost the final match against the San Isidro Club.
In 2000 our teams had the privilige of winning the pre-intermediate, the intermediate and the first division championships, playing the three final matches versus the Club Atlético San Isidro (CASI). The only other team that could win the three senior categories in the same year is the San Isidro Club.
In 1975 the Rosario Athletic won the Seven a side organized by the Argentine Rugby Union and in 1998 the Seven a side organized by th Buenos Aires Rugby Union.
Our junior teams have always had great performances in the championships organized by the Rosario Rugby Union. They won three times the Seven a side of Under 21 organized by the Argentine Rugby Union, once the Under 19, twice the Under 17 and once the Under 15. They won two years consecutively the National championship of champion clubs “Veco Villegas” Under 19 in the years 1993 and 1994.
Our rugby teams made rugby tours to different places. In 1974 and 1980 they visited the British Isles, in 1981 New Zealand and Australia, in 1986, 1987 and 1993 New Zealand,  in 1992, 1995 and 1996 they made tours round Europe. They also played in Chile and Uruguay several times. In the year 1998 the senior teams visited South Africa and also in 2000 and played in the Danie Craven Stadium at Stellembosch University versus the university team.
There’s a long list of our rugbiers that played for our national team “Los Pumas”:

H.F.Talbot, W.F.Bridger, F.W.Sawyer, A. Reid, H. Alfonso, C. Alfonso, J.W. Beith, J.H. Topping, G. Recagno, J.D. Costante, D. Baetti, A. Risler, J. Seaton, R. Seaton, R. Castagna, M. Dip, E. Valesani, M. Valesani, D. Poet, L. Lobrauco, J.R. Orengo, F. Rossi, L. Roldán, F. Todeschini and O. Bartolucci.Also played for Argentine Development I. Macat(cap),E. Bergamaschi,F. Alonso and L. Roldan. And for Argentine “A” F. Alonso. There are also several of our players that played for our Junior national team “Los Pumitas”: M. Gerosa, G. Berazategui, J.M. Quetglas, C. Cristini, H. Garnica, L. Lobrauco, J.R. Orengo, O. Bartolucci, I. Macat, J. Bellotti, M. Cingolani, E. Bergamaschi, F. Alonso, G. Vitali, D. Orengo, A. Witemaier, F. Semino, F. Castagna y F. Vincenti. Some of our rugbiers played for the Buenos Aires Rugby Union team: L. Lobrauco, J.R. Orengo, O. Bartolucci, F. Todeschini, I. Macat, E. Bergamaschi, F. Alonso, M. Pereyra, F. Rossi, J. Belotti and N. Torno. J. Bellotti played for the Ten a Side team that went to Malasia in 1996. Some also played for the Under 21 National team: D. Orengo, A. Weitemeier, J.M. Sofredini and F. Castagna. Jose Orengo played two World Cups 1999 and 2003 with The Pumas and Octavio Bartolucci played the World Cup in 1999. L. Lobrauco, O. Bartolucci and I. Macat played international matched for the Seven a side national team. I. Macat, L. Lobrauco and D. Orengo made a tour to South Africa with the Buenos Aires Union team in 2000 and F. Alonso in 2004.
We have to mention that four of our rugby players played for different national teams because of their double nationality. José Ramón Orengo played for Belgium, Mario Gerosa and Marcelo Valesani played for Italy and Fernando Alonso played for Spain.
Daniel Baetti, our head coach, was appointed one of the Pumas coaches in 2000 and he is still training our national team at present. He went with the Pumas to the World Cup in Australia in 2003.
Our feminine field hockey teams played both in the Argentine Hockey Association and the Litoral Hockey Association. In 1971 and 1975 we won the First division Championships of the Argentine Association and also won the First Division of the Litoral Association and both teams played the National Championship of Champions Clubs, we were finalists in 1985 and we won the Intermediate division in 1985,too. In 1991 we went back to second division.
Some of our players played for our national team: M. Del C. V. De Alonso, A. García, P. Gorina, A. Gallerano, L. Patetta y C. Martinez Zinny..
In 1991 we played in the B division, in 1994 we went down to the C division, in 1995 we were back in the B division and in 1996 we went back to the C division.
In 1993 the hockey team made a tour to New Zealand with the first and intermediate teams and the 5th division.
In 2001, our hockey team stopped playing in the Buenos Aires championship and started playing again in the first division championships of the Litoral Association. In 2002 they won the National Clubs Championship division H and the following year they won the National Clubs championship division F.
In 2004 they lost the final of D Division and both teams goes to C Division and also in 2005 they won the C Division going to play in B Division.
As regards tennis, in 1981 the Veterans tennis club of Rosario was founded and its first president was a member of our club: Mrs A. C. de Ponce. Another member of our club, Mrs F. C. de Seaton was named Honorary President of that club.
In 1994 the Rosario Athletic, together with many other clubs, founded the Rosario Tennis Association.
Since 1919 our club organizes the Open Championship every year.
In 1999, and after thirty years of not playing the cricket championship, we  were invited by the Argentine Cricket Association to take part in their competitons. That year we played with a junior team, and in 2000 with a senior team as well. In 2001, Ivan Longarini went on a tour to Bermudas with the national team. He played the traditional North/South match in Under 19 and A. Dominguez, J.P. Estelles and J.M. Zeida played the North/South match in Under 15. In 2003 I. Longarini was invited to play the North/South in the first division and he was named “Most Promising Cricketer” of the year.In 2004 Sebastian Poet played for Argentine under 13 Team in Chile and was choosen the MVP of the Tournament.
In 2000 the building of the gymnasium was finished and is now used by all our members as a complement of their training.